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COVID Protocols

To read the latest COVID protocols read:

Love Grenada Promotions cannot accept any responsibility for changes in the COVID protocols for our trip. We strongly recommend all our guests use the link above on a regular basis to keep up to date with any changes.

Love Grenada Promotions accept no liability for any losses of personal items whilst attending the events or staying in the hotel in Grenada.

  • Travel Partner Information
    Our travel agent is a fully bonded agency with ATOL and IATA licenses. The flights and holidays they provide are ATOL protected by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Stoke Newington Travel’s ATOL number is 3797. ATOL protection is primarily used for customers who book and pay in the UK.
  • Transport
    All transportation has been pre booked for specific times; unfortunately, we cannot delay the transport leaving the hotel. In the unlikely event you miss the transport you will be required to make your own way to the event at your own cost. Transport has been arranged to and from our designated hotels LGP customers only. any other non LGP customers requiring transportation without our wrist band will be required to pay $50ec per person per single route , any request for a return journey to the hotel before the scheduled time, will result in an additional cost from you directly to the transport company. Love Grenada Promotions will not be liable for any extra costs incurred.
  • Photographs
    Love Grenada Promotions have commissioned an official Photographer, they will be taking photos during your stay in Grenada. We respect that not everybody wishes to have their photo taken so if you prefer not to have your photo taken please can we request that you respectfully and politely ask the photographer not to include you in any general pictures that might be taken and published for future marketing material. Love Grenada promotions reserve the right to publish any pictures taken by the official photographer.
  • Event Pass
    All wrist bands that are your event passes will be issued on arrival to the hotel , bands should be worn for the duration of your holiday and will be checked at each event, if you do not have a wrist band you will be charged at the event . In the unlikely event your wrist band is lost and you require a replacement this will cost £250.00 Love Grenada Promotions will not offer a refund (either partial or whole refund) if you decide not to attend any or one events once in Grenada. The event pass covers all events and transport and has been packaged and discounted to suit the events organized.
  • Clients with Disabilities
    Please ensure that we are advised of any client with disabilities at time of booking or as soon after as possible as special arrangements may have to be made. Whilst we will do our best to assist you and ensure that transport is available with adaptations, it is important that you inform the airline and the travel agent if you need assistance or rooms with adaptations.
  • Emergency - Sickness
    If you are unwell please contact the hotel Reception who will arrange for a Doctor to see you. Please be aware that Love Grenada Promotions will not be liable to pay part or the whole of your medical charges, please ensure you arrange your insurance before you leave the UK.
  • Local Buses
    These come in the form of minibuses. Fares are cheap: Grand Anse to St George's costs EC$2.50 (around 75p).On main road, services are frequent during the day on Mondays to Saturdays every 2=3 minutes , and buses all covid protocols are in place Drivers will pick up and drop off passengers at designated areas on their set routes; destinations and numbers are marked on the buses' windscreens and there is a bus stop outside of our designated hotels.
  • Water
    The drinking water in Grenada is safe to drink since it is chlorinated, if in doubt please drink bottled water.
  • Passport & Visa Requirements
    A full Passport is required for travel to Grenada. Please note that it is the responsibility of the client to be in possession of a Valid Passport with normally a minimum validity of 6 months and any Visa that may be required. Long delays in obtaining Passports and Visas can occur, so be sure to apply well in advance of Travel. If in doubt, please check with the consulates of Grenada @ Love Grenada Promotions cannot be liable for any loss or expense, or cancellation suffered if you do not adhere to these requirements.
  • Luggage Allowance
    Please check with your travel agent or airline for your international luggage allowance and cigarette and alcohol allowances when entering Grenada. This is your responsibility.
  • Bank, Currency & Shop Opening Times"
    Banks: 8am – 2pm, Monday to Thursday, and 8am – 3pm on Friday. Shops: 8am – 4pm, Monday to Friday, and 8am – 1pm on Saturday, although in some areas many retailers stay open for much longer. (Some shops close between 12 noon and 1pm). Supermarkets: 9am – 7pm Monday – Saturday, Spice land Mall supermarket also opens on Sunday. Major credit cards and debit cards are accepted by the hotels, car rental companies, and shops. The Eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC$) is the local currency in Grenada. It is advisable to exchange currency at the banks, as the most favorable exchange rates, may not be obtained elsewhere especially not the UK. Many establishments will accept payments in US Dollars with change being given in local currency EC. However please note that smaller establishments, especially in country areas, may only accept EC Dollars. We suggest you take US or £GB and exchange them for local currency. Obviously, traveler's cheques are safer than cash. There are ATM machines at the banks and airport and there is an ATM directly across the road from the hotel, please advise your bank of your travel arrangements so they do not block your card, also we suggest that you travel with the bank telephone number in case you have to contact them.
  • Safety
    Grenada is a safe country for visitors; however, precautions to protect your possessions and yourself are no different from those you would take travelling anywhere else in the world. It is usually very safe to walk around, both by day and by night and the crime rate is extremely low, however avoid taking lifts and buying items from random people.
  • Local Restaurants and fast food places to eat in Grand Anse
    We have listed a number of restaurants and fast food places to eat; these are purely recommendations and are not associated to the trip. Ricks Cafe (Snacks and Fresh Pizza) Umbrella's Beach Bar (Lunch / Dinner) Subway (offer same menu as UK branches) KFC (Closes at 10pm) Grand Anse Kraft Market (Breakfast and Lunch) Coconut Beach Bar and Restaurant ( Lunch and Dinner) Grill Master (Breakfast / Lunch/ Dinner) New York Bagels (St Georges) Venus bar (Lunch /Dinner) Port Louis : Victory Bar (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner) Pizza Hut (St Georges and Grand Anse Branch)
  • Sun & Protection
    The average temperature in September is 32 degrees, please ensure you have your sun creams to protect you whilst you are sun bathing or walking around, sunset is around 6pm which gives you lots of time to enjoy the beach and sun for all you sun lovers. There are no nude beaches in Grenada so be sure to pack your swimsuit! While Grenada has very few creepy crawlies, tropical places do produce tropical insects, and mosquitoes can be a nuisance, as they can in any tropical country. We suggest you take precautions by using repellent creams and spray both day and night.
  • Vaccinations
    We recommend that you discuss any concerns regarding vaccinations with your GP before travelling.
  • Local Laws & Customs
    There are severe penalties for all drug offences. You should be aware that it is an offence for anyone, including children, to dress in camouflage clothing. Pack all luggage yourself and don’t carry anything through customs for anyone else. Please do not take pictures of locals unless you have asked their permission even though you may think it is a harmless gesture some take offence.
  • Fancy A Massage - Try Soothing Touch
    Soothing Touch is based on Grand Anse Beach. The world renowned Masseurs are trained in a variation of massage technique. The unique qualities of the individuals are the are all vision impaired or blind. The amazing experience will cost you 1.5 hours of your time for $100ec dollars (£30) this is highly recommended at the beginning and the end of your vacation ... Truly amazing . The clinic is walking distance from the hotel on the beach call and make your appointment : 439 6643 Check out the Review !!! Reviewed February 27, 2018 Trip Advisor Absolutely superb! Don't expect the candles and 5 star surroundings but if you want to experience the most amazing massage ever this is the place to go. Three of us went at the same time during our recent holiday and all of us couldn't praise our masseurs highly enough. They were incredible. We only wish we had gone earlier during our stay so we could have returned before leaving. Any future visit to Grenada will definitely include more than one massage at Soothing Touch! Thank you to you all.
  • Complaints
    We recognize that sometimes things can go wrong for several reasons and clients may feel that they are not receiving the level of service that we want to deliver. Complaints are a valuable source of feedback and help us to identify areas where we need to improve, so we want to make sure that someone is fully accessible for you in the unlikely event you wish to share a concern, her name is Janice Lewis. We will introduce Janice to you at the welcome meeting. Janice will endeavor to answer your concerns.
  • Local Telephone Numbers
    Love Grenada Promotions Reps: 415 5885 Police: 911 Taxi Service: 405- 4985 / 419 3994
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