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Why we love Grenada

Grenada has 45 memorising beaches but one of the most popular is Grande Anse this  offers more than two miles of white sand and turquoise waters, lovely shaded areas, plenty of restaurants, bars and fun activities. Nearby, you will find the BBC beach, which is smaller, but just as picturesque as Grande Anse.  The Island has 18 warefalls and rainforest. Grenada has a population of 110,000 people it is known as the spice isle because it grows spices such as Cinnamon cloves nutmeg bay leaf pimento. Grenada attracts over 800 thousand visitors per year. The crime rate in Grenada is very small so Grenada is recognised as one of the safest Islands within the eastern Caribbean, Grenada has over 30+ diving sites. The coral reefs are the healthiest in the Caribbean.

In a nutshell Grenada is a beautiful island waiting for you to visit and share its beauty and fun...

Love Grenada Promtions 2022 Trip
The beach in Grenada
Waterfall in Grenada
Diving in Grenada
Love Grenada Promtions 2022 Trip
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